Tropical Hangout Hammock System

Tropical Beach Hammocks

Tropical Hangout Hammock System


Bring some Tropical Magic to your Event or outside space!


  • Branded or unbranded, you can rent, or you can buy the Tropical Hangout hammock system!
  • Fantastic for relaxing and enjoying at festivals and glamping sites, we have a fleet of Hangouts that can be dry-hired for your team to erect or delivered & erected by us
  • A Tropical Hangout can be erected or dismantled in less than 10 minutes
  • For Hotels and other more permanent sites, you can consider buying your own Hangouts for your guests’ enjoyment.
  • Either way, the Tropical Hangouts can be branded on the 3 small sails and the large sun sail, so if you have sponsors this is a great marketing opportunity – and an opportunity to reduce the cost of the Tropical Hangout experience.

By clicking on the buttons above you will be able to find more information about our products in all the different sections of the website: brochures, price guides, templates, Health & Safety, general information & artwork templates etc. Not all of these will be available until the early part of 2020 – thanks for your patience.


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